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Duelist Empire (Tournament Series)

10 July 2018 - 03:02 PM

Welcome to the Empire

Hello there, and welcome to Duelist Empire 1, my hopeful attempt at creating a lasting tournament series for both the casual and competitive player.

If you’re a casual player, then join the Casual League. With no decks Tier 2 or above allowed, you’ll be able to test out and have fun playing low tier for life decks such as Madolche, Dark World and Performapal. Plus, the Casual League also is casual in the fact that there is a non-Leaderboard option for the Casual League. The Tier list that we abide by can be found here.

For the competitive player, check out the Competitive League, where all the Goukis and Sky Strikers roam freely. With more tournament frequency than the Casual League, this is where those who enjoy testing out their decks against the best of the best decks will probably choose. Just like the Casual League, the Competitive League also offers non-Leaderboard.


To become a duelist in the Empire, simply comment with what leagues you want to join. Anyways, I think i’ve said enough, so bye for now!

YCM Community Banlist

13 June 2018 - 06:59 AM

(Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place)

So, I know that quite a few people that I know, whether online, or IRL, or anything like that, have problems with the current Banlist. Now, I know that Konami’s trying to make the game fair, but there’s some stuff that could seriously get off the list by now. And i’m not going to name card names, because for me, there would be a lot of them. Anyways, I saw some people on Reddit do this thing where people nominated certain cards, and then they voted on where those cards should be on the list. And I thought, well, that would be a good idea! So before we get into nominating, here are the rules:


My Nominations

Then, here are the polls for voting:


Have a nice day!

CF Vanguard inspired Casual set, Shadow's Ascent!

07 April 2018 - 10:41 AM

Hey guys, Satoru here, and today i'm presenting to you my latest (and first) booster set; Shadow's Ascent! As the thread name implies, the cards here are inspired by CF Vanguard, so I hope you enjoy them. Anyways, the archetypes:
  • Knightfall: Based off of the Revenger archetype of the CFVG clan Shadow Paladin, they focus on Xyz support.
  • Aqua Force: Based off of the CFVG clan Aqua Force, they focus on multiple attacks.
  • Link Joker: Based off of the Star-vader archetype of the CFVG clan Link Joker, they focus on flipping cards face-down.
  • Messiah: Based off of the Messiah archetype of the CFVG clan Link Joker, they focus on flipping cards face-down and face-up.
  • Maiden: Based off of the Maiden archetype of the CFVG clan Neo Nectar, they focus on Special Summoning cards with the same name.
  • Blau: Based off of the CFVG clan Nova Grappler, they focus on a playstyle similar to Zoodiac.
Note: My image uploading is broken, but i'll try to gets images on these ASAP.


Aqua Force

Link Joker





Remember to let me know what you think of this below!


05 April 2018 - 05:34 PM

Hi! I'm StardustSatoru, although most people just call me Satoru. I love playing Yugioh and CF Vanguard, so I often use this to make archtypes based off of CF Vanguard ones.


Fun Facts:

Favorite Animal: Duck

Favorite Anime Character: Satoru Enishi (Cardfight!! Vanguard G)


And that's all I can thank of. Bye!