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My Budget go second Greats

06 February 2019 - 12:35 PM

3x Ash blossom (obviously)
3xCrusadia Reclusia (its a level 3 fire and it’s common also it can pop stuff)
3xpankratops (it’s a going second build so yeah)
2xLady Debug (I don’t like debug that much so yeah)
3xSalamangreat Gazelle
3xSalamangreat Spinny boi
2xSalamangreat foxy (it’s pretty much pot of duality for its archetype)
1xSalamangreat Fowl(it’s a extender for Sunlight wolf so one is just aight)
1xSalamangreat Mole(just like fowl it’s a extender)
1xSalamangreat Jack Jaguar (it shuffles back your stuff so it’s more resource)

3xCalled by the grave
3xSalamangreat circle (it’s rotaaaa)
2xFoolish Burial goods(The cool thing with this is that this can send roar or gift if you want it back by using sunlight wolf and also you can send world Dino wrestling to special Pankratops to pop or attack)
1xfusion of Fire (otk is fun)
1xMonster reborn
1xReasoning(it gives more monsters)
2xTwin twisters (flood gate lovers)
1xSalamangreat sanctuary (it’s neeeddedd)
1xWorld Dino wrestling (send it from goods)
1xWill of the salamangreat (monster reborn)

1xSalamangreat Gift
1xSalamangreat Roar

Extra deck:
3xSunlight wolf (it’s your bets link tbh)
2xSalamangreat Veilynx
2xSalamangreat mirage stallio
1xViolent Chimera
1xTranscode talker (it gets big when co-linked)
1xUpdate jammer(makes transcode a 8k beater)
1xFlame Administrator
1xKnightmare Phoenix (it’s a spell or trap pop so yeah also generic is good)
1xKnightmare Cerberus (pops guys so yeah good and generic

The side is not done yet so yeah

Is Draco getting pushed back more?

06 February 2019 - 12:00 PM

I feel like Draco is getting more hard to play competitively because everyone sides twin twisters and red reboot and now People are maiming the Pankratops engine what do you guys think

True Draco support I WANT

25 January 2019 - 09:56 AM

What if Draco got a new level 5 that negates a spell trap or monster effect by destroying 1 Draco spell or trap and then if they got a new spell that on activation you can banish 1 monster on the field until the end of the turn then have the mst effect and then they get a trap that said you can activate diagram from deck I don’t know I just thought those would be pretty cool for the deck just my opinion.

New Spicy Tech For True Draco!

23 January 2019 - 08:09 AM

So I’m testing out strike of the monarchs in Draco since it negates evenly and even twin twisters to and it replaces the Draco monster you sent by drawing 1, then in the grave it makes your guys change attribute (since ya play gozen at three) what do you guys think about it.

What are you Draco players doing...

15 January 2019 - 12:21 PM

So you Draco players are literally giving me a headache..like when I see 2 inspector boarder and like 3 majesty maiden I start to puke... ugh here’s a good more better version that actually is really consistent
Monsters (8)
1xDinomight( it’s obvious by now..)
3xIgnis(This guy is bigger and better then maiden in any aspect)
1xMajesty Maiden(...why are you guys playing 3...she’s not even that good or beefy...)
3xInspector Boarder( you gotta play 3 it fucks BA it fucks TD a bit and also Altergeist it mostly stops most decks so you have to play three)
Spells (17)
3xcard of demise (this cards soooo goood draw 3 for nothing just please!)
3xDisciples(You should know by now why you need three..)
3xDragonic Diagram(Have to play three even though sometimes it’s a bit of a brick I know that’s weird right)
3xPot of duality( You could play 2 and replace the one for Infinite Impermanence)
1xTerraForming(Sometimes it’s more of a brick seeing two Terraforming so yeah the one is good because you have so much draw power to see it)
3xTrue Draco Heritage(Obviously..)
1xUpstart goblin(You could cut this out for a Infinite Impermanence if ya want)
Traps (15)
3xTrue Draco Apocalypse (such a good card!)
1xTrue Kings return(aka back to the front)
3xGozen Match (best floodgate tbh)
3x There can only be one(The most insane floodgate trust me it is)
2xWater falls of the dragon souls (You can pick diagram without the pop or card of demise but you don’t send your hand)
1xSkill drain (It’s just a good card to run in general)
1x imperial order(suck it striker!)
1xSolemn warning(just take it out for Infinite if ya want)
EXTRA DEEECKK(15) -Mostly cherry targets-
1xSummon scorc (those combo decks)
1xIsolde(warrior dudes)
1xElectrumite(The pend matchup is a dice roll win pretty much plus denko is annoying)
1xSome summer summoner (I cant afford colossus xD)
1xHexstia(idk why I chose this tbh)
1xDante(Dante is too good tbh)
1xRhongo(if they go first I lose tbh)
1xadreus, keeper of Armageddon(we play a lot of level 5 so it’s good I guess)
1xBeelze (Cherries+Ignis or maiden)
1xAbc buster (ABC sucks anyway jk a bit)
1xMechaba (The mekk knight invoked matchup is annoying trust me)
1xPredaplant Dragostapelia (super polyyy!)
1xStarving venom fusion dragon(SUPPPEERRR POLLLYY!)
1xgem-knight seraphinite(..idk why)
Side deck (15)
2xPankratops (it’s good lol)
2xLancea (ugh Thunder dragon)
2xWinter cherries (She good now lol)
2xBook of eclipse (Thunder dragon is stupid T_T)
1xSuper poly(funk colossus..)
2xEvenly Marched (this card is the balls my dude)
2xHeavys storm duster(Back row snip time)
2xWiretap(The reason I play this over reboot is that Draco isn’t that much of a otk deck it’s a control so if you use reboot then they just set another evenly and then your funked on their turn)
I hope you guys liked this and have a great day