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21 September 2018 - 03:47 PM

It might be a while before my next post.

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31 August 2018 - 10:48 PM

There wasn't meant to be 2 purple emeralds. Here's the red one. https://imgur.com/L768vk0

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27 August 2018 - 08:52 PM

Sonic X is awesome. Anyway here's the other half of the set.
There will be more sonic soon.

I guess it was worth marathoning Sonic X the past couple weeks then...

Sonic's first effect is okay, I suppose (though without the Emerald cards at present, can't really say much more).

Dark Sonic's draw effect is questionable right now, considering everything that usually has to be done to get a +2 draw nowadays. If the Emeralds make it difficult to summon, then I guess it's fine. I mean, he doesn't have protection as well.

Super Sonic still weak to non-destructive removal; might want to address that. Also reliant on said Emeralds, which are not here.

Tails is fine.

If you're adding Sonic-themed Machine stuff, then maybe the Level drop for Tails / Chuck would be useful. As for other Machine decks, I suppose it makes stuff like the OG Ancient Gear Tribute monsters easier to summon and all,

For Cyber-Tails, that's not how Xyz Monsters work (if you don't know how they work, look it up on the Wikia [though they've been around for 7 years so you should know what they are by now, even if you're out of the game]). Trap protection is fine and all, but nowadays Traps are seeing less play (so...that protection won't be of much use). Maybe expand it to Spell protection too. But then again, you do need to rework the summon conditions (or just make it a Fusion Monster).

Knuckles is mixed-bag and well, battle reliant. It does fit him being a hot-head in canon, but that's about all I can give. I would probably say to just lower the amounts Knuckles gains/loses in battle; more on the other end so he isn't outright neutered in bad matchups.

Shovel Claw's boost isn't good to be honest; most Field Spells grant more than that nowadays. Piercing is okay and all, but the ATK buff should be greater. Chaos Emerald retrieval is fine.

I guess Master Emerald gives Knuckles some power to offset his stat drop effect, plus searching.

Amy just searches Sonic; that's really about it.

I thought I did do Xyz right. I watched a video and read the wiki a month ago. So you have to use 2 or more certain monsters with the same level as the Xyz rank then the 2 or more materials get placed underneath the Xyz card when summoned, right? Check some my earlier posts will ya?(pretty please) BTW have you ever watched Seasons 2-3 of Sonic Boom? It's actually really good. The show is very self aware and it's hysterical! They even have an episode that realistically portrays creepy sonic fans.

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26 August 2018 - 10:49 PM

Sonic Archetype! This is only half the the first set. 2nd half will be done tomorrow.
The next one has the legendary Chaos Emeralds and more!

In Topic: Video Game Vs.

15 August 2018 - 10:15 PM

Sonic will be after this one, i promise! More Misc. cards.
Just to let you know, these cards were created to NOT be used alongside real cards. (For the exception of Polymerization)