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#7134801 Pot of Pals [Text]

Posted by o_smily on 18 February 2019 - 04:29 PM

Hmm. Well, that is nice. I do believe this would actually be better off in Experimental, considering how there is yet to be any card effect which specifically references a tag-partner.


As for the card itself, having your partner draw 2 cards is a pretty powerful effect, especially so when there is no cost. Just because the card does not affect you does not mean that its effect is not as effective. How about a revision/balancing such as the following? (You did not specify what kind of Spell it is; I am assuming it is a Normal Spell.)


During your tag-partner's next Draw Phase, your tag-partner draws 2 cards instead of 1 for their normal draw, and if they do, your tag-partner cannot draw cards by card effects for the rest of the turn.


I know that the sharp restriction may seem to "ruin" the heart and soul of the card, but honestly this is something which must be tested with to see the capabilities and potential of this card, and considering how it would only affect drawing, your tag-partner would still be able to search cards from his/her Deck or excavate.

#7134800 [Written] Silent Trap Hole

Posted by o_smily on 18 February 2019 - 04:14 PM

I agree with Jolly. I do like the card, and if I were to suggest something, perhaps have it target the monster, considering how it already is a non-destruction removal.

#7134172 [Written] Earthbound Plains

Posted by o_smily on 19 January 2019 - 02:51 PM

Earthbound Planes

Field Spell Card

"Earthbound Immortal" monsters you control cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects. During your Main Phase, you can Tribute Summon 1 "Earthbound Immortal" monster, in addition to your Normal Summon/Set. (You can only gain this effect once per turn.) You can return 1 "Earthbound Immortal" monster you control to the hand; Special Summon 1 "Earthbound Immortal" monster from your Deck, but it cannot attack this turn. You can only activate this effect of "Earthbound Plains" once per turn.

#7134125 [Written] Timeless Justice, Anti-Chrono | Time-based New Year card turned YCM...

Posted by o_smily on 18 January 2019 - 04:08 PM

Hey. Let's fix the PSCT a little bit:


2 non-Token monsters

If this card is Special Summoned: Apply 1 of these effects, based on the results of the previous Duel this Match.

● You lost: This card gains 2500 ATK, then loses 400 ATK for each of your turns that passed the previous Duel. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects.

● You won: This card cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects.


Now, what I have to say is that unless if you were OTK'ed the previous Duel or such, the first effect will probably harm you more than anything, since there is no restriction as to how much ATK the card lose. As far as I can tell, if the previous Duel really dragged on, the card could potentially end up with less ATK than it already started with. It's immunity is pretty nice, but makes me wonder why the second effect simply only has targeting protection.


Anyways, the biggest problem I have with this card is it's ATK overall; this card has way too much power for the price of two non-Token monsters. If you were to decrease the ATK and DEF to around the 1000's and increase the ATK boost to 4000 or so, then I would be more comfortable with this card. Otherwise, as it stands, it is a pretty cool take on the Match-based effects that Konami has released, though as with all of them, this card would not see competitive play.

#7133498 Dark Battlemage

Posted by o_smily on 27 December 2018 - 12:44 AM

Nice to see you at work again weeb.


This card gives off a good impression on me. From not only my own thinking on this card and its mechanics, but also from the description that you have already given about your own vision and use of the monster, I would say that this card could not only serve as support for multiple Spellcaster/Spell Card Decks, but as a win condition for its own as well. You see, this card has multiple things going for it. For example, this monster is DARK, Spellcaster, and Level 7 monster; this card is asking for multitudes and multitudes of support, not to mention potential Dark Magician support. This card, however, recycles Spell Cards in the GY at a consistent rate as well. Unlike Dark Magician of Chaos and Magician of Faith, the two examples you've given of Spell Card recovery, as long as you are willing, you are able to reuse as many Spells Cards in your GY as possible. It may not be the most light price, but it isn't a light reward.


However, these are all things that you have already stated. It's kind of hard to review someone's card when it seems that they've got the whole card worked out anyways. :huh: What I can tell you though, however, is that I believe personally that with this card, less people would be asking, "What Deck do I put him in?" and more would be asking "What Deck can I make around him?" As I said before, this card could work really well as a win condition; Spell Card recovery is one important game factor that can separate the line between a good Deck and a mediocre Deck. My two cents.

#7133462 Naturia Sacred Foraging

Posted by o_smily on 26 December 2018 - 12:43 PM

Forgot to put "from" in between "cards" and "your."


I'm not too experienced with the Naturia Archetype, but it does seem fine to me. First effect helps search or recover most of the Archetype's Spell/Trap Cards, which renders them usable by your description, though I am not sure whether or not the Spell Cards would be able to activate in response to a Chain. That would be a good ruling question which I cannot provide. However, if I were to guess, you would not be able to Chain with the Spell Cards, since they are able to be activated by another cards effect and not because of their Spell Speed. Second effect is also good, and since none of the Main Deck Naturia monsters are too powerful by their own, it shouldn't be too much of an advantage. Good job.

#7133362 Cynetspace [WRITTEN]

Posted by o_smily on 25 December 2018 - 11:20 AM

I don't know if Cyberse and/or Link monsters have their own Field Spell Card or not, but this card appears decent. The second effect doesn't do much, but its fine the way it is, also considering how all monsters become Cyberse monsters anyways. In fact, the first effect might be its strongest point; unless if your opponent has a counter, this card will prevent Type-based Decks and Archetypes from playing fluently, especially if they need to Summon monsters from the Extra Deck that need monsters of a certain Type. It's recovery is good as well, making sure that, with a Cyberse and Link monster based Deck, it shouldn't be too hard to pull off, and with a HOPT, it shouldn't be too easy to abuse. I would run this.

#7133148 Aura Monsters

Posted by o_smily on 24 December 2018 - 10:14 AM

Thank you for the meaningful and thoughtful questions; they really have me thinking about what you said and I will try my very best to answer and look over each question and problem:


...Why not have these become "Aura Spell Cards" as a new Type of Spell Card?


The idea has never crossed my mind to simply make a new type of Spell Card specifically for Aura monsters. It would make my cards text much shorter and simpler. If you believe that is a good idea, than I will implement it.



The activating when it would be sent to the GY. This happens mid-chain, so you can't really activate it at this point. Well, not in a way that you intend; Metaverse can activate a Field Spell mid-chain, but that only places it face-up on the field. While that does count for things like "If a Spell Card is activated" Speed Spell 1 triggers post-chain, a new chain link is not created and the Spell Card is not considered to have been activated for on-activation effects. That means that it's virtually impossible for your opponent to respond to the effect until after the chain, and even then, only with S/T destruction, not negation.


Alright, I see what you mean now. So what you are saying, if I gather at this correctly, is that technically there is no way to respond to an Aura Spell Card's activation, since it is Spell Speed 1. If there were to be a solution for this, consider the following: make Aura Spell Cards Spell Speed 2. This would simply manifest itself in the form as putting "...Standby Phase (Quick Effect):...." This, however, may just be faulty reasoning. Instead, for a more simpler solution, we could say that Aura Spell Cards are already Spell Speed 2, similar to Quick-Play Spell Cards. Maybe there is even a chance that making the simple action of placing an Aura Spell Card in the Spell & Trap Zone Spell Speed 2; even though the Aura Spell Card would still be Spell Speed 1, as long as it is an event that starts a chain, the placement could be the only thing that needs to increase in Spell Speed.



Resolving after the chain itself has resolved; why can't it just apply its own effect when the certain condition is reached? It's virtually doing that, except you throw in resolving, which just seems out of place and unneeded. (Note: despite this, I still really like the idea that the card's effects only work after a certain other condition is met, which doesn't activate)


Also a very good point, and of course it is unneeded. For the same reason as your note however, I wanted it to behave that way, so it would have just that much more of a spark of uniqueness. However, two potential solutions for this dilemma could be:

  • Place and activate the Aura Spell Card in the Spell & Trap Zone when it would leave the field. Then, once the conditions are met, the Aura Spell Card is then activated again, resolved, and sent to the GY. If it were to go this way, it would lose its unique resolution ability, but I believe that it would be a plausible wording.
  • Give the Aura Spell Cards an effect upon activation that simply states that, while that effect is active, it is treated as an Aura Spell Card. (This might be able to be simply a game mechanic and not have to actually be printed onto the card.) Then, you can resolve the Aura Spell Card for an effect on resolution. My reasoning behind this suggestion is that since the effect is continually applied, it can still resolve itself for an effect afterward. (This suggestion might be extremely confusing and incorrect; please tell me if so.)


The uses of semicolons/colons. Both have only ever been used to signify activating effects, i.e. effects that begin a chain, but it is clear from your info and the use of resolving that these effects don't activate. What you have still work, even the one with targeting, as targeting can happen as part of an effect when the cost/activation steps are skipped (Diamond Dude), technically all costs and such would be part of the effect, as a non-activating effect can't have a cost as such.


This is much easier to fix. I could simply reword the text as so (ASC, SP, SS1):


"...During your Standby Phase, you can resolve this Aura Spell Card to/, then...[Effect]."


Also, one other question I just thought up; how do these cards interact with Infinite Impernance? If I have it negate the effect of the Aura card when its activated by its own effect, does it stay on the field or not? 


That is a very good question related to ruling that I may or may not just have to make up.  :tongue:  I would say, with my mechanics, the card would be sent to the GY in both of my possible interpretations of the question you are asking:

  • You target the Aura monster: Obviously, the card would be sent to the GY, since it is a part of its effect to be activated as an Aura Spell Card; if it's effects are negated, then it goes to the GY.
  • You negate the Aura Spell Card: This question is a bit trickier. What I would say is that, if an Aura Spell Card is negated, then it would immediately be sent to the GY. You see, normally, it would behave like a Normal, Quick-Play or Ritual Spell Card, in that it would be sent to the GY once it resolves. Since it is in its effect that keeps it face-up on the field, if its effect were to be negated, then the card would be sent to the GY because there no longer is a factor that keeps it face-up on the field.


These were all very good questions, and I thank you for the time you spent reading and responding. I do hope that I've answered any potential problems that you've asked or stated, but please, do continue to criticize my work and answers, if you wish.

#7133093 [Written] Vegetable Fly

Posted by o_smily on 23 December 2018 - 10:57 PM

Interesting...  I'm not certain what this can be tech'd in directly... As it is an oddity that can give up its secondary Typing as a Tuner for the sake of Level modification... But, I mean I suppose it could be a good One-for-One target that can follow up as an alternative Gagaga Magician (for Decks that don't have a flexible Level Modifier) to go into certain Xyz. And its initial secondary Typing as a Tuner as well as its Level gives it access to being Special Summoned via Crystron Needlefiber.


On flavor notes, is it name suppose to be a play off of fruit flies?

As you stated: Level modifier with Level 1 and Tuner support (Insect and WIND too I guess).


Vegetable Fly is a play-off of the Fruit Fly. Reason being because the fruit fly matures faster than almost any other animal in the world. Vegetable Fly's rapid Level gain is a symbolism of this process.

#7133057 [Written] Vegetable Fly

Posted by o_smily on 23 December 2018 - 07:37 PM

Vegetable Fly


Insect / Tuner / Effect

Level 1 - 900 / 750

Once per turn: You can have this monster gain up to 4 Levels, and if you do, this card is treated as a non-Tuner.

#7133048 Sudden Doomsday

Posted by o_smily on 23 December 2018 - 06:30 PM

The card has a powerful effect: non-destruction field wipe. Of course, it would most likely be used as a last resort if your opponent has the edge, or to simply remove any of your opponent's persisting cards if you believe you can recover and potentially KO your opponent. It's restrictions make it more balanced: you must draw it for your normal Draw Phase to activate it, and if you choose not to when you do, it remains a dead card in your hand. This makes it viable for discard fodder or for a shuffle into the Deck (which might prove to be a viable strategy). Any Archetype or Deck that utilizes in searching rather than drawing would do well with this card, since searching for cards removes the chance of adding this card to your hand when you can't use it—in contrast to drawing, in which anything is possible (all you have to do is believe). In short, this card is restricted to what kinds of Decks or strategies it can play in, but it is, when used right, an effective card in the right kind of Deck. My two cents.

#7132833 [Written] Forbidden Drink + Vessel Archetype [8 - 8]

Posted by o_smily on 22 December 2018 - 10:05 AM

This is an Archetype that I have been working on in DB, and I have no idea where to go now. I earnestly do believe that the cards are interesting and well-made, but I just feel that they can be better.  I have been suggested that I incorporate it into Mermails and Atlanteans somehow, but I am not sure how to do so; that would require extensive changes for my cards that I'm not sure I would be able to supply. That's why I brought it here. Thoughts are always appreciated.


Forbidden Drinks - 3 cards


Forbidden Vessels - 3 cards


Support - 2 cards



#7132832 Pitchsetto the Woodwind Djinn

Posted by o_smily on 22 December 2018 - 09:33 AM

I see how this card is. Basically, as you said, it helps Summon more of your Djinn Xyz monsters without having to worry about running out of Zones that your Link monster points to. Now the effect doesn't actually free up Zones if you ever need to Xyz Summon another Djinn monster, but it's a good alternative if you just don't want to rely on Link monsters as much. Other cool facts about the card that I had noticed are:

● The card can be Summoned with more then 2 Materials, so you can continue to just Summon as many Djinn monsters with minimum Xyz Material as possible or Summon another Djinn monster with much more Xyz Material than is normally allowed.

● Even though the card uses Level 3 monsters, this card can effectively Summon any Djinn Xyz monster, including the Symphony Djinn and even other Xyz monsters that just so happen to have the word Djinn in their name.

● A free monster and 300 ATK and DEF is always appreciated and may be more important than others may think.


I believe that this card would definitely help the current position that these Djinn Xyz monsters are in. Without their own Link monster, however, there is still the question as to whether or not the series would be able to play in advanced, though this card is still a good start.

#7132562 Lifeforce Archetype

Posted by o_smily on 20 December 2018 - 08:50 PM

So I took so long; I honestly forgot.


As a whole, I like the cards that you've made. The LP gain/loss mechanic represents the Psychic monsters at full, and the effects are not too overly broken or weak. I noticed that you have a Tuner but no Synchros, so I'm not sure if whether or not you plan on adding some or just for lulz Synchro combos with already existing Synchro monsters, which wouldn't really wouldn't be a problem at all. The most common Synchro monster that you would end up bringing into the field, in perspective, would be Level 6, if focusing on the Level 4 Main Deck monsters, though don't be afraid of using other Level 5 or 7 Synchros.


If I were to change anything about the Archetype as a whole, I would have it to where both effects of most of your monsters can activate once per turn instead of just 1 per turn. The thing is, most of your cards are reliant on whether or not you will use your monsters' effects for swarming and the hand or for advantage and the field. In fact, it will encourage players to lose LP in order to gain both effects instead of leaning excessively in one way or the other. Also, the LP gain/loss for some cards may be a bit too much for the fluent Archetype. Whenever I worry about an LP value, I usually go for my default number: 800 (for any value close to it of course). Of course, continue to be the judge of your own cards.


As for individual cards, most of them, moving past the whole statement on the Archetype itself, are not bad, and are very interesting. The cards that caught my eye and that I would like to point out (for the good or bad) are:


Lifeforce Reaper


Lifeforce Scrutineer


Lifeforce Wingvern


Lifeforce Link monsters


Aether Singularity


Annihilation of Life


Full Life Eruption


Lifeforce Extractor


Well, that is all I have to say critically. Any cards that I have not listed are fine enough in my opinion to stay the way they are (and haven't caught my eye; nothing personal). Like I said, I'm really impressed by your card making skills, and I only hope that you continue to grow and learn more about this game. My two cents.

#7132369 Make a Normal Monster Game

Posted by o_smily on 18 December 2018 - 10:43 PM

Elemental HERO Blindeyes



Level 3 - 1800 / 0

This deadly Elemental HERO is the master of the shadows and the dark. Shrouding her enemies with the Veil of Blindness, she moves silently and and takes monsters by surprise.


1 monster related to the moon in some way.