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12 March 2019 - 10:06 PM

i should clarify that i reviewed Necros and Zombie in same sentence. Necros is (kinda) ok as it is but if you wanna futureproofing its usefulness maybe make it summon other Dark Realm. Zombie is the one that's not ok. its easier and stronger Relinquish with (potentially permanent) zone lock, and Synchro Buff.


Leviathan: im actually gonna encourage you to reduce the amount of the effects barring maybe the good ones.


stacking effect wording is like this


Based on the number of Monster Banished to Summon This card You can apply 1 or more of the following effect:

@1 or more: .......

@ 2 or more: .......

@5 or more: ........

@ etc.....

Thanks for that. 

Ok. I've made some more. Tell me what you think.











In Topic: My Archetype - Dark Realm

03 March 2019 - 10:44 AM

partial review because i bit busy. gonna fill the rest soon


Puppetry: this kinda need a major wording fix


When a "Dark Realm" is Targeted for Attack: You can pay 1000 LP; Take Control 1 Monster your opponent control until the end of Battle Phase. You must take control monster other than the attacking monster if possible. then you may apply 1 of the following effect.

@ the Attacking Monster is attacking monster you take control, Instead.

@ if your opponent control no monster, Inflict damage equal to half of the ATK of monster you take control.


well thats the rough fixes. basically a slightly stronger Magical Arm Shield being able work on 1 monster, non-targetting, and have damage potential. but battle traps is not really as prominent as is before. with exception of the ones with mass control/removal effect. (Mirror Force Variant). but i guess this is fine


Realm: you need to specify what type of destruction this card prevent. battle or effect? 700 stat boost is really huge though to be this generic. maybe lower it to 400


Odd: need the field spell and archetype's monster. not the hardest to fullfil. the defense position changing not that much effective in link era but it may screw your opponent setup when you go first with DEF reduction and continuous destruction.


Necros and zombie: you mean "You can Normal Summon this card without tribute". well instant 2 mat although a bit slow so its fine. but  Zombie is all kinds of wrong though. non-destruction removal by the equip effect. with zone lock to boot. sure if its removed from the field the monster returned but it open the finishing window so easily


Sacrifice: so at max this is discard 4 draw 5. the only thing that prevent this to be abused outside this deck is the Zombie requirement. but the advantage this card can give you is so huge its not funny. if this archetype can can get a good GY manipulation effect. this could be busted. which really close given generic zombies have those kind of effects in abundant


Ghoul: i dont really get the utility of this card besides one for one, Crush Card, or Rescue Rabbit


Leviathan: you need to specify if the effects of this card is stack or only works on fixed number of monster like Cyber Blader. most of this effect is not that good. (10) is bland stat boost, (6-9) is protection that just like field spell need to be specify, (5) effect is outclassed by Doomsday Horror in every-way, leaving (2-4) & (1) being the good one

Puppetry: Nice edit. thanks.

Realm: I put like that to say both effect or battle. but i totally understand. it can be kinda hard to understand. Duly noted.

Odds: I'm more of a pre pendulum era guy, so i don't trifle myself with links. even though they're meta. 

Zombie: Sooooooo.......... it's broken or bad? because i was trying to go for another Plaguespreader zombie deal.

Sacrifice: i originally meant for it to be a -2 or max neutral outside of the Dark Realm deck, since discarding the card itself is considered a neg. Plus i honestly thought that the restriction of having to discard exclusively zombie and fiends would be enough to make it not too abusable.

Ghoul: I just wanted GY fuel and to not have exclusive effect monsters. i plan to make more vanillas.

Leviathan: I meant for the effects to be stacked. i just didn't know how to word it. I also originally had a passive effect where effect damage to this card's controller would be cut in half and added to your life points, and to have a maintenance cost of banishing a card from your hand per turn.


i still have ideas for more, but i highly appreciate the feedback. i'll make the necessary changes and come back with more

In Topic: My Archetype - Dark Realm

25 February 2019 - 11:00 PM



Title: Dark Puppetry Delusion

Card Type: Normal Trap


When your opponent targets a "Dark Realm" monster for an attack, pay 100LP. If your opponent has 2 or more monsters on their side of the field, redirect the attack to one of them. It not, redirect the attack to your opponent's LP, but damage is halved.




Title: Dark Realm

Card Type: Field Spell

Effect:All Zombie and Fiend type monsters gain 700 ATK & DEF. Once per turn, "Dark Realm" monsters cannot be destroyed.




Title: Dark Realm Fearful Odds

Card Type: Continuous Spell

Effect: If you have a "Dark Realm" monster on your side of the field while "Dark Realm" in on the field, all of your opponents monsters are switched to DEF position and lose 1000 DEF points. If the monsters' DEF are less than 1000, destroy the monster(s).




Title: Dark Realm Ghost King Necros

Level: 6

Card Type: Zombie type Effect Monster

Effect: You can special summon this monster without tributes. If you do, its ATK, DEF and level are halved. When summoned successfully, special summon one "Dark Realm Gutless Zombie" from your hand or GY.

ATK: 2400

DEF: 2000




Title: Dark Realm Holy Sacrifice

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Discard 2 Zombie type and 2 Fiend type monsters from your hand. Draw 3 cards. Draw one extra card for every 2 "Dark Realm" monster discarded by this effect.




Title: Dark Realm Shadow Ghoul

Level: 1

Card Type: Fiend type Vanilla Monster

ATK: 200

DEF: 2100




Title: Dark Realm Vile Demise Leviathan

Level: 10

Card Type: Fiend type Effect Monster (Boss Monster)


This monster cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be special summoned, except by banishing cards from your hand, or GY, whose total levels equal this monster's level. Activate the following effects according to the number of monsters banished for this effect:
1: Negate card effects that target this monster.
2-4: Pay 500LP to negate non-targeting card effects.
5: Pay 1/2 of your LP; return 5 banished cards to your GY.
6-9: Once per turn 'Dark Realm" cards cannot be destroyed.
10: Increase this monster's ATK by 500 x the number of zombie and/or fiend type monsters in your GY.
ATK: 3000
DEF: 2700

Title: Dark Realm Gutless Zombie

Level: 2

Card Type: Zombie type Effect Monster

Effect: If possible, target one monster on your opponent's side of the field and equip it to this card. The card zone the targeted monster was in cannot be used. It gains the ATK & DEF of the equipped monster. If this monster were to be destroyed, return the equipped monster to it card zone in DEF position. If "Dark Realm Gutless Zombie" is used to synchro summon a monster while equipped with a monster, return the monster in DEF position; the synchro monster then gains that monster's effect (if it was an effect monster).

ATK: 400

DEF: 1200




All monsters are Dark Attribute


decided to re-post

In Topic: My Archetype - Dark Realm

25 February 2019 - 10:45 PM

please either post the pics in accordance of posting method i sent you on personal message OR at the very least make the written form of the card below each posted link since either some spell missing its symbols or the effects is too thick to be readable conveniently. then we will happy to give you a proper feedback

just edited my post. 

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24 February 2019 - 09:46 PM

Check this and tell me what you think


you can either post in written form. Or if you already have pictures, upload it to your Imgur and then copy paste the BBCode Link (usually the 2nd from the bottom) but you have to include its effects in written form since often times the card text is hard to be seen (either too many effects or wrong card size)

what i did was left click on the card, clicked "open image in new tab", copied the link and posted it in the forum.