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#7135311 [Ritual & Spell] Gravekeeper's Excommunicator /-Passover (Sure to Giv...

Posted by Doigt on 10 March 2019 - 12:30 PM

Gravekeepers is one of my favourite archetypes, so well written support for it is always appreciated. The images chosen look cool and appropriate. However, while I like rituals as well, you have to recognize that they run contrary to today's meta and that playing rituals will be in the way of the usual gravekeeper strategies rather than supporting it.


The problem here is that rituals cost a lot of resources to be Summoned and you need specific resources in your hand to summon them, so it will force you to build your entire deck around that ritual. Otherwise, drawing either card when you have neither the other card nor the monsters to tribute to summon it will result in a dead draw.


A change in play style wouldn't have been much of an issue normally. But the monster itself doesn't contributing anything as a boss monster. It doesn't impact the field in a meaningful way, it's just a beat stick. It would have been okay to be a 2500 beatstick in any other scenarios, but since this is a ritual cards and a lot of the pre existing ritual support plays in the graveyard, you will have a hard time to summon this thing, let alone a second one, since afterwards nothing can go the gy except gravekeepers.


So, in the end, you have with a ritual which fits neither in a gravekeeper deck nor a dedicated ritual deck. However, I can't stress enough how I like the cards visual appearance, theme and writing.

#7135298 [VIDEO][Need tips to improve it] Undead Flames

Posted by Doigt on 09 March 2019 - 09:03 PM


Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=Zg0dbeZk0K0

Name: Undead Flames

Attribute: Fire

Type: Zombie

LVL: 1

ATK: ?

DEF: 200


There can be an unlimited amount of copies of "Undead Flames" in a deck as long as the total deck size does not exceed 60. When this card is Summoned: Send 1 "Undead Flames" from your Deck to your GY. Gains 100 ATK for each "Undead Flames" in your GY. When this card is sent to the GY: inflict 100 damage to your opponent for each "Undead Flames" in your GY.


There are already three flaws with the card which need to be addressed:

-> The card itself is too weak, but I'm not sure how I should buff it.

-> I think the card's visual design needs to be revisited.

-> I forgot to include every type of Summon in the card's code to trigger the self mill effect, as can be seen in the video, I do not need your help with that, but I thought I'd mention just in case you would point it out.


EDIT 1: I think I fixed the visual design, tell me what you think of the changes:


#7135269 Royale Musketeers!

Posted by Doigt on 08 March 2019 - 07:57 PM

Well, to be honest, d'Artagnan isn't a musketeer until well into the story and Tréville is a minor character; he's the leader of the whole musketeer regiment. Though, I noticed you kept Louis and I think it's fitting since it's the name of the king and the king had this rivalry thing with the Cardinal in the story. Each time one of the Cardinal's guard lost a duel to a musketeer, he'd "secretly" rejoice and vice versa with the cardinal (even though they're both on the "same side"). Also, during the war, the musketeer regiment only moved when the king was ready to move personally to the battlefield....

#7135215 Royale Musketeers!

Posted by Doigt on 07 March 2019 - 10:07 AM

Hello, I think the idea is great! Love the theme as it's based on a movie based on one of my favourite books. I noticed several typos about your usage of French and if you don't mind, I offer here the corrections.


Royale -> Royal

"Royale" is for feminine subjects only, use "Royal" when referring to male or neutral subjects, such as musketeers, which were historically all males.


Royale -> Royaux

"Royale" and "Royal" cannot be used when there is more than one subject. Use "Royaux" for plurals.


Francois -> François

The c should have a cedilla, it's what makes the difference being pronounced frankwa and franswa.


Charles -> Charle

In French, Charles isn't spelled with an s at the end of the name.


Btw, I noticed you made up random French names instead of using the movie ones. Perhaps you'd be interested in using the original source material names? They sound much more badass and I think you'll agree, however this is only a suggestion:


Athos, Porthos, Aramis, d'Artagnan and Tréville

#7135200 Casual Programmer Here

Posted by Doigt on 06 March 2019 - 10:00 PM

Hello everyone, I'm a proud Quebecois who has been making custom cards for years now. Initially with the old version of the card maker on this site and later with more advanced tools such as Paint.Net. Here's my most recent custom card:




My main hobbies however, are programming and playing the card game, both of which I've done on a casual level since I was a 12 year old kid. If you've heard of me, it's probably because I made a now very dead game called Pointless Clicker, it was a bad parody of Cookie Clicker.


What I love to do is to combine my passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! and programming. Recently this has translated itself in the form of programming my custom card designs into a modified version of YGOPro. I swear I'll make a video very soon about that, you can count on it. Mostly crap designs though, because I tend to design a card more for the challenge to code it poses than balance or anything sensible and also because I like to rekt the computer with op cards... I'm sort of a very vindictive person and half of the cards where made right after I lost terribly against the AI haha.


As for serious designs, I tend to just remake already existing cards. However, they can take several hours to get right and sometimes, I just give up because it seems impossible to make it look good, like the uria one below. Here's three of my most recent ones:


Uq1WWkv.png  NEmdGMN.png  pfhi71b.png


Well, that was it. Thank you for reading down to the end of this post and I hope I didn't burn anyone's eyes with my crappy card designs or offended anyone for not giving credit (forgot who the guys who made the artworks are, sorry).