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[VIDEO][Need tips to improve it] Undead Flames

09 March 2019 - 09:03 PM


Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=Zg0dbeZk0K0

Name: Undead Flames

Attribute: Fire

Type: Zombie

LVL: 1

ATK: ?

DEF: 200


There can be an unlimited amount of copies of "Undead Flames" in a deck as long as the total deck size does not exceed 60. When this card is Summoned: Send 1 "Undead Flames" from your Deck to your GY. Gains 100 ATK for each "Undead Flames" in your GY. When this card is sent to the GY: inflict 100 damage to your opponent for each "Undead Flames" in your GY.


There are already three flaws with the card which need to be addressed:

-> The card itself is too weak, but I'm not sure how I should buff it.

-> I think the card's visual design needs to be revisited.

-> I forgot to include every type of Summon in the card's code to trigger the self mill effect, as can be seen in the video, I do not need your help with that, but I thought I'd mention just in case you would point it out.


EDIT 1: I think I fixed the visual design, tell me what you think of the changes:


[New Mechanic] Power Cards

08 March 2019 - 04:17 PM

The concept of Power Cards is one I've been working on for a bit and then forgot for some time until I happened to find an old folder containing the images. Now that I have more experience using editing tools and writing card effects in english, I feel confident enough to give this project another try.


Here's how Power Cards work:


You put them in the Extra Deck during deck building. To use that type of card, you have to tribute 2 face-up spell and/or trap cards of different types* to add one of the power cards from your Extra Deck to your hand. While power cards are in your hand, the power cards do not contribute to the hand size and are paradoxically treated as not being in the hand**. Also, power cards in your hand must stay revealed.


You can only activate 1 power card from your hand per turn and that card you activated can only be activated once per turn (if an effect grants you more than 1 activation per turn, you may still not use the same card that turn). When you activate a power card, it isn't placed in any zone on the field and stays in your hand Likewise, when a Power Card resolves, it stays in your hand, it's effect can then be reactivated on the next turn***.


This new type of card's effects are always spell speed 1 and as such can only be activated during your main phase 1 & 2 unless it has "(this is a quick effect)" in the card lore. In the same way, the act of adding a Power Card from the Extra Deck to hand by the normal method can only be done during those phases.


In brief:


-> Where? Face-down in your Extra Deck at the beginning of the duel. May be added to your hand. Stays revealed when in the hand.


-> What? Kind of like normal spell cards which activates in your hand and always stay in your hand for future activation. Does not count as being in the hand, but can still be discarded and activated from the hand.


-> How? By tributing two face-up Trap and/or Spell cards of different types, you can add a Power Card from your Extra Deck to your hand.


-> How many? You can have as many Power Cards in your hand at a same time, but you may only activate one of them per turn and that card cannot be reactivated that turn if you gain additional activations.


-> When? Both adding and activating are done during the Main Phase.


-> Other Details: Spell Speed 1. Doesn't go to grave after resolving. Activation is optional, you could have 5 of those in your hand and never activate one for the rest of the duel. They all have a discard condition which will force you to discard them.


* For example Spikeshield with Chain and Swords of Revealing Light are both normal types and cannot be tributed to add a Power Card to the hand, but Kozmo Town and Kozmo Lightsword are respectively a field and a equip card; despite them both being a spell card, they can be tributed to add a Power Card from the Extra Deck to the hand.


** Technically, you can do whatever you can that you can normally do with cards in your hand except set, summon or activate them on the field. That means you can discard them to pay for costs or for effects which doesn't affect cards in the hand. As such, they do not contribute to the hand size. A Slifer the Sky Dragon would have 0 ATK if all you had in your hand were Power Cards. This is the paradoxical treatment of power cards, they screw the rules because I have no imagination.


*** All power cards have a discard condition which will force you to eventually get rid of them, so it's not as if you could keep them forever.


Normally, I don't release fully sized templates, but I thought that some may want to play with the concept themselves and as such I have decided to release an already assembled template (I'll keep the pdn file to myself If I need to update the look). You can find that template here: https://imgur.com/a/IoV4b5U (WARNING: IT'S BIG)


Here's an example card, which is a remake with better wording (ugly original with incorrect lore on the right):


EOgWb6w.png  GuTTKs0.png


Card name: Hyperlinks

Card type: Power Card

Card Lore:

If you would conduct a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum or Link Summon this
turn, you can place the would be Summoned monster(s) on a Main Monster
Zone. During your End Phase, you lose 800 LP for each monster you control
that was Summoned on a non-linked Main Monster Zone. If you do not
control a face-up monster, discard this card.


I'll admit, I'm not very satisfied with the font. I followed the wiki's documentation on card layout for the correct font, but apparently the informations were wrong as you can clearly see. I'll try to think of something to fix that.

[OTK-Enabler] Ultimate Counter

07 March 2019 - 05:14 PM

Gold Rare and Alternative Golden Foiling:


gnq5Ts4.png 5vL0ciM.png


Name: Ultimate Counter

Card type: Counter Trap Card


When an opponent's monster with more than 3000 ATK or DEF is Summoned: Pay half your LP, Discard your hand (min.1), Tribute all cards you control (min. 1) and banish your Extra Deck (min. 1) face-down; negate the Summon and if you do, your opponent loses 1000 LP for each banished card, 500 LP for each card in both players' GY and 250 LP for each End Phase which have taken place since the start of the 2nd turn.


Sincerely, the number of typos on this card is astronomical. I'm glad that YGOPro prefers smaller images otherwise it would bother me too much during a game. Also, I don't believe that the card is broken, it's just that it would most probably end the duel if one manages to activate this card and that's why I think some would think this is OP.

Casual Programmer Here

06 March 2019 - 10:00 PM

Hello everyone, I'm a proud Quebecois who has been making custom cards for years now. Initially with the old version of the card maker on this site and later with more advanced tools such as Paint.Net. Here's my most recent custom card:




My main hobbies however, are programming and playing the card game, both of which I've done on a casual level since I was a 12 year old kid. If you've heard of me, it's probably because I made a now very dead game called Pointless Clicker, it was a bad parody of Cookie Clicker.


What I love to do is to combine my passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! and programming. Recently this has translated itself in the form of programming my custom card designs into a modified version of YGOPro. I swear I'll make a video very soon about that, you can count on it. Mostly crap designs though, because I tend to design a card more for the challenge to code it poses than balance or anything sensible and also because I like to rekt the computer with op cards... I'm sort of a very vindictive person and half of the cards where made right after I lost terribly against the AI haha.


As for serious designs, I tend to just remake already existing cards. However, they can take several hours to get right and sometimes, I just give up because it seems impossible to make it look good, like the uria one below. Here's three of my most recent ones:


Uq1WWkv.png  NEmdGMN.png  pfhi71b.png


Well, that was it. Thank you for reading down to the end of this post and I hope I didn't burn anyone's eyes with my crappy card designs or offended anyone for not giving credit (forgot who the guys who made the artworks are, sorry).